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Chimney Sweeps Cooperative in Poznań

The Chimney Sweeps Cooperative (Spółdzielnia Pracy Kominiarzy) in Poznań has been offering a wide range of chimney services since 1950. We are an experienced cooperative with traditions and our employees are qualified chimney sweeps with the necessary licenses and qualifications. We provide the following: installation of chimneys, cleaning, maintenance and sealing of chimney flues, and annual periodic inspections and checks.

We are looking forward to doing business with housing cooperatives, administrations, tenants' associations, individuals and business clients in the area of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship.


Chimney Sweeps Cooperative

Comprehensive chimney services

We offer comprehensive chimney services. Our company performs works such as cleaning, clearing, securing and sealing chimney flues, and installations of chimney liners as well as technical inspections and checks.

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Bodies of the Chimney Sweeps Cooperative

The Management Board of the Chimney Sweeps Cooperative consists of three people: Wojciech Nowacki – President of the Cooperative, Gerard Kaczmarek – Vice President, and Bogusław Głowicki – Member of the Board.

Feel free to contact us

Do you have questions about our services? Are you looking for a chimney sweep with the required licenses and qualifications? Contact us by phone or e-mail, we are at your disposal.

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