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Chimney cleaning, expert opinions, building acceptance by chimney sweeps

Kominiarz czyszczący komin

We provide services for private individuals, state institutions, cooperatives and tenants' associations.
The employees of the Cooperative have the relevant authorisations to perform the services: apprentice and master sweep diplomas as well as qualification certificates for the operation of network devices at the supervision and operation positions.

We provide the following services:

cleaning – maintenance of chimney flues:
of the furnaces of catering service companies, at least once a month, unless otherwise provided by local regulations
of solid fuel furnaces, at least once every 3 months
of liquid and gas fuel furnaces, at least once every 6 months
in the facilities or parts thereof, contaminations are removed from the ventilation ducts at least once a year, if the higher frequency does not result from the operating conditions
checking the chimney flues for lack of obstructions and draft with a graphic description
checking the internal tightness of the gas system
issuing opinions on chimney flues for gas companies
carrying out periodic inspections of the technical condition of chimney flues (in accordance with Art. 62 of the Construction Law)
clearing chimney flues
securing chimney flues against birds
installation of chimney caps
installation of acid-resistant chimney liners in chimney flues
sealing chimney flues using the ALU-FLO method
arrangement of chimney stacks and connections
checking the interior of flue ducts using a TV camera