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About the Cooperative

Kominiarz siedzący na kominie

The Chimney Sweep Craft Cooperative (Rzemieślnicza Spółdzielnia Pracy Kominiarzy) provided its services in Poznań and the Poznań Voivodeship. In August 1950, the Cooperative consisted of 10 founders and three people holding administrative functions. The number of employees increased on a monthly basis. The first office was located at Małeckiego Street, and a few months later it was moved to a building at Półwiejska Street.

In 1951 the Cooperative had already 41 members, compared to 79 members (including 61 chimney sweeps, 3 apprentices and 15 office workers) in 1952. In 1953 the Cooperative had 25 branches and employed 185 people. At the end of 1953, the Cooperative had 270 members, i.e. 77% of all employed.

On 12 September 1972, the name of the Cooperative was changed from the Chimney Sweep Craft Cooperative (Rzemieślnicza Spółdzielnia Pracy Kominiarzy) to the Voivodeship Chimney Sweeps Cooperative (Wojewódzka Spółdzielnia Pracy Kominiarzy) in Poznań. The entry into the Court Register also changed, from 852 to 517.

On 1 July 1975, the Voivodeship Chimney Sweeps Cooperative in Poznań merged with the Chimney Sweeps Cooperative in Wrocław. The National Chimney Services Cooperative (Krajowa Spółdzielnia Usług Kominiarskich) was established in Wrocław, with its seat at ul. Św. Mikołaja 16/17 and the Management Board in Wrocław. We operated in this way until 1990.

The Cooperative employed over 300 people and had branches throughout the Poznań Voivodeship. As a result of changes in the regulations on business activity in 1990–2000, many members started their own business, which contributed to a lower number of employees and a decrease in the number of services provided.

Despite the establishment of many private enterprises, the Chimney Sweeps Cooperative in Poznań remained the leading company on the chimney sweep market. We employ 69 people, including: 28 master sweeps, 13 apprentice sweeps, 13 chimney sweeps and 17 administrative employees.