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The chief body of the Cooperative is the Supervisory Board elected by the General Meeting of Cooperative Members.

Since 16.10. 2020 the Supervisory Board is composed of:

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Krzysztof Głowacz – Centre Gostyń

Deputy Chairman

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Jarosław Haraszczak – Centre Nowy Tomyśl

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Maria Białczyk – Service Centre Gniezno

Marcin Zbierski – Service Centre Poznań IV

Łukasz Kordus – Service Centre Gostyń


Since October 16.10.2020 the Management Board of the Cooperative is composed of:

Wojciech Nowacki – President of the Cooperative

Gerard Kaczmarek – Vice President

Bogusław Głowicki – Member of the Board